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samburu:designs jewellery parties

Why not host a SamBuru Designs Jewellery Party and give the opportunity to friends and family to buy some unique and unusual jewellery.

When you book a party, we’ll bring a fantastic collection of fair-trade Kenyan beaded jewellery and Indian tribal jewellery and accessories direct to your home. Big or small gatherings, over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, we’re sure you’ll love trying on the latest collections, with your friends there to help you decide on the right purchase.

As a thank you for hosting the party, you’ll receive 15% of total sales at the end of the night to spend on any of SamBuru Design’s products. (With £100 of sales you get £15 to spend, £200 gives you £30 and so on.)
But that’s not all, you’ll receive a free gift as well!
If two new parties are booked on the night by you or your friends, you’ll get an extra £5 to spend.

So why not book your party today? As we cut out the middlemen and go straight to the producers our merchandise is very reasonably priced and each piece is chosen very carefully.

Whether you want a beautiful beaded necklace to add that something to your party dress, a present with a difference for friends and relatives or fun, colourful stocking fillers for the children, you and your friends, are bound to find it at SamBuru Designs!

Contact SamBuru Designs for more info on 01483 271059 or email: shalinibhalla@btinternet.com

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