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SamBuru Designs is a venture started by wildlife conservationist and photographer Shivani Bhalla, who lives and works in Samburu, Northern Kenya. It is run by Shalini Bhalla from Surrey, UK.

Having lived with the Samburu people for the last six years, Shivani was amazed at the beautiful, colourful beadwork jewellery they produce. She asked the women of local villages to produce a variety of items including necklaces, bracelets, bangles and keyrings.

The aim is that some of the money made in the UK then goes back to the grassroots – the people who make the jewellery.

We try to provide a form of fair trade by:

  • Ensuring that all producers receive a fair and appropriate reward for their skills and labour;
  • Ensuring that the working environments and conditions are suitable for all workers;
  • Working with producers who adopt production methods that conserve and preserve the environment and natural resources;
  • Encouraging the positive use of traditional skills, technology and local materials whenever possible.

Some bracelets are made from recycled metal, necklaces from cow/camel bone and we even sell cards made from elephant dung!! The jewellery is handmade – so no machinery involved – using traditional skills.

SamBuru Designs also specialises in Indian jewellery and accessories made in India and sourced from a reputable supplier in Delhi.

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