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Help! We need your old mobile phones! January 2010

Shivani has just started a new programme working with Samburu warriors in West Gate Community Conservancy to assist in giving her wildlife information. Communication has been hard and she is looking for mobile phones that she can give the warriors to call her as soon as they see the predators in the wild. If anyone has a second hand mobile phone (with charger) that they are looking to get rid off, please consider donating it to the Ewaso Lion project.

For more information please email:
shalinibhalla@btinternet.com or shivani@ewasolions.org

Simba Stories 2009

SB Management donates art materials for an educational project entitled Simba Stories which hopes to increase the awareness of lion conservation and the importance of lions.

Lions in Kenya have decreased in number dramatically over the past few years. Numbers are now estimated at only around 2000 in the whole country. Lions in the Samburu region have also reduced and the current estimate in Samburu and Buffalo Springs National Reserves, and West Gate Community Conservancy is only around 20. Their numbers have decreased as a result of conflict and a loss in their habitat.

The Ewaso Lions project, based in West Gate Community Conservancy, has joined hands with Lpus Leluai Primary School at West Gate. To increase awareness of the importance of lion conservation, Ewaso Lions is working with students and teachers at the school. Students have been asked to write and/or illustrate stories about lions in English/Swahili/Samburu. The best stories and artwork will be put together in the form of a booklet and printed. These copies will be distributed locally and internationally to increase awareness of lions. Using these booklets, funds will also be raised for the school’s educational needs.

All art material has been donated by SB Management (UK). Lindsay Maynard has sponsored editing of the Simba Stories booklet and the Panthera Foundation has sponsored production and printing of the booklets.

For more information on Simba Stories please go to


Ewaso Lions Tree Project 2008

SamBuru Designs is very proud to be sponsoring part of the Ewaso Lions Tree Project based in the Ewaso ecosystem of Northern Kenya.

The project, taking place in six of the regions schools, aims to protect the environment for both humans and wildlife through building environmental awareness on the importance of trees in sustaining ecosystems.

SamBuru Designs donated money so that tree seedlings and items such as watering cans, chicken wire to protect the seedlings from goats and wildlife, watering cans, rulers, notebooks and prizes could be bought for students of two of the schools involved in the project.

During the tree-planting, the project manager, Shivani Bhalla will give talks in the schools on the importance of trees and the environment.


For more on this story (and up-to-date field reports) please go to

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