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SB Dance was formed in 2004 by dancer/choreographer Shalini Bhalla. Shalini has been dancing for over 25 years and has been teaching dance for almost 15 years. Since moving to England over ten years ago she has been actively involved in promoting the arts, especially dance, in London and the South East.

SB Dance specialises in Indian contemporary dance taking its inspiration from the classical dance form Bharata Natyam, Indian folk dances and pop culture in the guise of Bollywood cinema.

Dance and cultural workshops are tailored to suit both adults and children and groups can vary from as small as five people to larger groups of 100 people.

Trained in Bharata Natyam, Shalini has performed in Africa, Asia, Europe and the UK. She is Artist in Residence at the Cranleigh Arts Centre and recently developed “asmâkam – the quest” which was performed at the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Shalini is also a board member of StopGAP Dance Company and Create (Arts) Ltd and was included in the 2009 Young Business Leaders edition of Who's Who of Britain's Business Elite and this year's edition of Who's Who of Britain's Business Leaders 2010.

Shalini recently launched Just Jhoom! Using vibrant and infectious Indian rhythms together with Bollywood/Indian dance moves, Exercise to Music principles and Yoga stretches, she and her team have created this fun and dynamic fitness programme.

Just Jhoom! which translates to 'Just Dance!' is the first accredited Bollywood Dance-Fitness Instructor's course in the UK. www.justjhoom.co.uk.


If you have any queries or for more information, Shalini can be contacted on 01483 271059 or emailed at shalinibhalla@btinternet.com .

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